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Property Buyer's Guide - Ways of buying French property

When buying a property in France, most people choose to buy in their own name or as a couple. Depending on whether you're buying a resale property or are purchasing a property off-plan (known as vente sur plan) the buying process, including that of the various sales contracts, can vary slightly.

What doesn't change is the protection both the vendor and buyer are afforded by the purchase process. Largely due to the role of the French Notaires in the buying process, France has one of the most secure and transparent property purchase processes in the world.

Posted: Tue Feb 5

A Guide to buying French Leaseback Property

French leaseback properties, otherwise known as ‘tourist residences, have been a popular way to invest in French property for more than 40 years. A leaseback property is a property that is owned freehold just like any other, except it is then ‘leased back’ to a management company for a minimum period of 9 years...

Posted: Thu Jan 31

Our new web comes online

We hope that you find our new web site informative and easy to use and we would be very grateful to receive any feedback you can offer on improving our site, or indeed any part of our service. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

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Posted: Tue Jan 29